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Waiver Services:

  • Child Habilitation: Child Habilitation Services provide children with regularly scheduled activities (and/or supervision) for part of the day. Services include training, coordination and intervention directed at skill development and maintenance, physical health promotion and maintenance, language development, cognitive development, socialization, social and community integration and domestic and economic management. This includes services not otherwise available through public education programs in the participant’s local school district, including after school supervision, daytime services when school is not in session, and services to preschool age children. Services may be provided at various times of the day in multiple settings, when other waiver services would not be more appropriate, such as Respite or Personal Care.

  • Respite: Respite Service is intended to be utilized on a short-term, temporary basis for an unpaid caregiver or non-CARF residential habilitation provider to provide relief from the daily burdens of care. Respite service includes assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), medication assistance if needed, and supervision. Respite cannot be used to substitute for care while the primary caregiver is at work, or during services otherwise available through public education programs including education activities, after school supervision, daytime services when the school is not in session, or services to preschool age children. It may be provided in the caregiver’s home, the provider’s home, or in community settings.

  • Individual Habilitation Training: Individual Habilitation Training (formerly Residential Habilitation Training) is a specialized 1:1 intensive training service to assist a participant with the acquisition or improvement in skills not yet mastered that will lead to more independence and a higher level of functioning.

  • Personal Care: A range of assistance to enable waiver participants to accomplish tasks that they would normally do for themselves if they did not have a disability. Assistance may take the form of hands-on assistance (actually performing a task for the person) or cuing to prompt the participant to perform a task. Personal care services may be provided on an episodic or on a continuing basis. Health-related services that are provided may include nursing care and medication administration to the extent permitted by State law. Such assistance may include assistance in performing activities of daily living (ADLs-bathing dressing, toileting, transferring, maintaining continence) and instrumental activities of daily living on the person's property (IADLs-more complex life activities, e.g. personal hygiene, light housework, laundry, meal preparation exclusive of the cost of the meal, using the telephone, medication and money management). Transportation costs are not included as part of this service.

  • Homemaker: Services consisting of general household activities such as meal preparation and routine household care, which are provided by a trained homemaker when the individual regularly responsible for these activities is unable to manage the home and care for himself/herself or others in the home or when the person who usually does these things is temporarily unavailable or unable to perform the tasks. This service does not include direct care/supervision of the waiver participant.

Developmental & Therapeutic Services:

  • Speech Language Therapy: Speech Language Therapy assists children in developing communication skills that allow children to engage in daily activities and verbally interact with peers, adults and their family. Speech Therapy integrates all aspects of speech and language development, including receptive and expressive language, articulation, respiration, and fluency. Cognitive components such as problem solving and reasoning are also addressed through speech therapy sessions. Other aspects of treatment may include the development and training of alternative and augmentative communication, oral motor abilities, swallowing, and feeding skills.

  • Occupational Therapy: Occupational Therapy helps people achieve independence in all aspects of their lives. Occupational Therapy treatment programs focus on achieving functional independence through therapeutic interventions addressing perceptual motor skills, fine motor skills, strength and coordination, sensory integration, and self-care activities.

  • Cognitive Skill Development: Cognitive skill development involves the progressive building of learning skills, such as attending, memory and thinking. These crucial skills enable children to process the sensory information they experience and eventually learn to evaluate, analyze, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect. Most cognitive skills are learned. That means thinking and learning skills can be improved with practice and the right training. In children this includes the ways they solve problems and learn. The key components of cognitive development include memory, concentration, attention, perception, imagination and creativity.

  • Social & Emotional Development: This area emphasizes many skills that increase self-awareness and self-regulation. Social and emotional development in early childhood refers to a child’s ability to form close and secure adult and peer relationships; experience, regulate, and express emotions in socially and culturally appropriate ways; and to learn to explore the environment. Social and emotional milestones are often harder to pinpoint than signs of physical development. Services for social and emotional development promote a child’s ability to manage their own feelings, understand other’s feelings, and interact positively within their world.

  • Lifetime Fitness: Therapeutic exercise for adolescents and young adults. Explores lifetime fitness through leisure opportunities and sports within our community.

  • ADOS: ACM is pleased to be able to administer the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) assessment for Autism.

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